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Francja – 7 reasons to use Microsoft PowerBI

Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence suite. It provides products and services that enable data visualization and reporting. Gartner’s 2018 report states that Microsoft Power BI was named the top software solution for data analytics two years in a succession. Let’s look at the advantages of Power BI.
1. Easy Data Connection
Power BI makes it easier to combine all your data in one place. This makes it easier to organize your data, improve visibility, and increase accessibility. Power BI currently supports more than 70 connectors. This allows businesses to upload data via a variety of cloud platforms, including DropBox, Google Analytics, OneDrive, Azure Data Warehouse, and Google Analytics. It also allows easy access spreadsheets such as Excel, CSV files, and on-premise data such as that found in SQL Database.
These connectors allow organisations to quickly integrate Power BI dashboards and perform detailed data analysis within minutes. They can also customize elements as they wish. Data experts can also import their data and create new dashboards or reports if they wish. The tool simply merges multiple files into one report, so you can analyze the merged data. Amazing Performance
Power BI uses a Power Pivot Data Modelling Engine. This database is also used by Excel and is a high performance one. This modelling engine uses tabular data technology to zip information from databases. It ensures that the data uploads completely onto your memory.
Your Power BI Workbook will often be smaller than your original data files. A.pbix file 50MB to 200MB large is actually originally a 1GB data file. Excel slows down when dealing with larger models. Power BI is optimized for tables with over 100 million records. Power BI can automate incremental refreshes, which ensures that data is always up-to-date. This feature is highly valued by Power BI as it simplifies report visualisation. Customised Open-source Visuals
Power BI offers several packages of data visuals that can be used to make your reports interactive. There are many options for creating interactive visuals in Power BI. These include bars, columns and matrices as well as tables, pie charts, and tables. You can also choose from a variety of rich and complex customised visual options that will enhance your data story. These visuals include sparklines, bullet graphs, decision trees, and more. You can also follow the visual trends being followed by the Power BI community at any time and use that information for your own designs. Native R Integration
Power BI’s interface is simple, but it has all the functionalities and tools that data professionals need. Power BI supports R, a popular open source language used by statisticians, programmers, and data miners. There are over 7000 packages available.
R language scripts perform data manipulation, Machine Learning and statistical modelling using complex graphical techniques and statistical computation. This includes data visualization. Power BI makes it easy to integrate


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