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Best 21 AWS Interview Questions & Answers (2022).
AWS is short for Amazon Web Services. It is Amazon’s cloud computing platform. It allows professionals to build, manage, and deploy services and apps. This is done through Amazon-managed hardware and data centres. Amazon Web Services provides a variety of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS(platform as a Service), and SaaS [Software as a Service] offerings. You can create virtual machines that can be equipped with storage capacity, analytics processing power, device management, networking, and network connectivity. It has a pay-as you-go model that allows you to pay monthly usage and avoid large upfront fees.
Q1. Q1.
There are many types of cloud services. These services can be categorized asComputing
Each service has its own AWS product. These are the most popular ones:Computing: Lightsat (EC2, Lambda), Auto-Scaling, Elastic Beanstalk (Elastic Beanstalk), and EC2, Lambda (EC2, Lambda).
Networking: Amazon Cloudfront VPC, Route 53 and Amazon Cloudfront.
Storage: Elastic File System. S3, Elastic Block Storage. Glacier.
Q2. Q2. What is auto-scaling and how does it work?
Auto-scaling is a function that allows users to provision and launch new instances when the demand arises. Q3. What is geo-targeting with CloudFront?
You may have noticed that ads and content appear differently online when you move to another place. Geo-targeting allows businesses to show targeted content to their audiences without changing the URL. Q4. What techniques and tools are available in AWS to determine if you’re spending more than you should? Is there a way for this to be corrected?
There are many resources that you can use to ensure you’re paying the right price for the products and services you use. The Top Services Table: This dashboard is part of the cost management console. It will show you the top five services you use most often. It will also show the total amount they spend on these resources.
Cost Explorer: These services allow businesses to analyze and see their usage costs over the last 13 months. It also provides a forecast of expenditures for the next three-months.
AWS Budgets: AWS budgets allow businesses to budget for their services. They can also check if they are within their budget with their current plan and the details of service usage.
Cost Allocation Tags: These tags allow businesses to identify any resource that has incurred additional costs in a particular month. Cost Allocation Tags allow you to organize your resources and track your expenses.
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Q5. Q5. Are there other tools that can be used to log into the cloud environment than the console? additional hints
You have a variety of tools to log in to the AWS Cloud. These tools are:AWS CLI CMD
AWS CLI Windows
Q6. Q6.
Amazon CloudWatch Logs can be used by businesses to create centralized log solutions. They can then store them in Amazon S3 and visualize them with Amazon Elastic Search. Kinesis Firehose can also be used to move data from S3 into ElasticSearch.Q7. What are DDoS attacks and how can you minimize them? What services can be used for minimizing them?
DDoS is a cyberattack in which a criminal gains access to a website and then creates multiple sessions to block legitimate guests from accessing it. To prevent attacks on their websites, businesses can use several native AWS tools.

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