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AWS Disaster Recovery: Pilot Light and Warm Standby, Multisite
Everyone who works in IT knows Murphy’s Law. It states that „Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Failure is a part of IT life, regardless of whether it’s hardware failure, human error or system breach. AWS can help minimize downtime.
AWS allows companies to seamlessly move critical operations to the cloud and reduce downtime. We will be discussing four different disaster recovery methods throughout this article. Let’s first discuss RPO and RTO, which are two metrics that can be used to assess the viability of a disaster recovery.
Amazon outlines four types of disaster recovery (DR), which are Backup and Recovery and Pilot Light, Warm Standby and Multi-Site. It can be difficult to decide when to apply which disaster relief operation. An acceptable RTO or RPO is an acceptable level for business continuity and data recovery.
RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective, and RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective. These will be asked of those who are aspiring to become AWS Solutions Architects. An RPO is the best time at which data can be recovered.
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